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Cops without ID - Illegal!

© Jose Hernandez -

According to police protocol, every officer is mandated to wear a name tag on their uniform. However, in recent months, we have seen many videos of police brutality and use of authority by unidentified officers. Often, officers are wearing an additional item of clothing over their uniform (such as a protective vest or motorcycle jacket) which hides their name tag, or working in civilian clothing with only an officer hat.

In the past year, we have appealed to the Police Attorney General on this matter, and were promised that the protocol will be revisited, and all officer uniforms be adjusted for a name tag to be attached to them. Due to the multitude of cases, Attorney Anne Suciu appealed today (13.7.2020) once more to the Police Attorney General, demanding that this issue be systematically handled. We also requested to forward the Disciplinary Department a list of cases in which officers were not wearing name tags, documented in photos and videos, for the purposes of disciplinary prosecution. Despite that not wearing a clear identification tag being a disciplinary offense, we do not know of any case in which an officer was prosecuted for not doing so.

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