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Rights & COVID-19: Housing & Shelter

Debt collection and public housing:

Successfully appealed to the Construction and Housing Ministry demanding an easing in bureaucracy and a grace period for vulnerable persons paying rent for public housing (15.3.2020).

ACRI urgently appealed to Welfare and Social Services Ministry, the Health Ministry, and the Director of the National Insurance Institute regarding the refusal to allow caretakers into nursing homes and sheltered housing institutions, and received a response that prevention of letting caregivers in was done against the ministry orders (02-04-2020).

ACRI contacted the Ministry of Housing previously, after receiving inquiries from residents who were getting calls, payment requirements, and threat of collection procedures for the months of the crisis. In addition to the continued freezing of collection procedures, we demanded an increase in the rent subsidy to public housing residents affected by the crisis (updates to rent for public housing tenants is usually done once a year on the same date). In response, it was stated, among other things, that the collection procedures will not be resumed in the meantime, and that an inquiry will be made about Amidar (housing company) branches that have sent payment requests to tenants. It also stated that the rents paid by tenants affected by the crisis drastically will be reduced accordingly (10.5.2020).

Home demolitions and Palestinian property:

Appealed to the Ministry of Justice and IDF Central Command demanding a freeze of home demolitions during the COVID-19 lockdown. After multiple appeals, the Civil Administration agreed to cease all existing demolition orders of populated structures during this time (17.3.2020).

Joined 23 other organizations in appealing to the Attorney General to cease all home demolitions in unrecognized Bedouin villages (19-3-2020). We received a response from the Justice Ministry that they will freeze home demolition proceedings in the Negev, aside from new construction (24.3.2020).

Urgently appealed to the IDF and the Police to ensure that Palestinians in the West Bank are given full protection from harm to them and their property, in particular, against the taking of their land during the epidemic (1.4.2020).

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