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Rights & COVID-19: Prisoners and Detainees

Joined HaMoked, along with other organizations, appealing to the Attorney General demanding that security prisoners be able to speak with their families and attorneys via phone since visits are not permitted during the crisis. Following a hearing on April 2, 2020, thus far only limited phone access has been provided for incarcerated juveniles (18-3-2020).

Joined Physicians for Human Rights to reduce the incarcerated population to the minimum possible in order to reduce the risk of infection and ensure the health of the incarcerated (19-3-2020).

Along with the Clinic for Human Rights in Society at the University of Haifa, we appealed to the National Insurance Institute demanding an ease in the requirement for former employment needed for released prisoners to be eligible for their unemployment benefits (25-3-2020).

We submitted our comments regarding a proposed change to Criminal Procedure Law establishing a problematic arrangement regarding the extended detention of a suspect when an investigation cannot be conducted because the suspect or a witness is infected with Coronavirus. The wording of the law was eventually softened (30-03-2020).

Appealed to the Israel Prison Services and Ministry of Communications to allow the families of prisoners to deposit money online, and received a response that in 2020 deposits can only be made through the Post Office (31-03-2020).

Appealed with Physicians for Human Rights to the Israeli Prison Service about lack of cleaning and disinfectant supplied in prisons (06-04-2020).

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