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Rights & COVID-19: Education

Education for all:

Contacted the Education and Social Welfare Departments in Lod following the request we received from a family with children that have special needs. We demanded an emergency response to provide psychological services and for the Education and Welfare departments to guide all interested parents in dealing with children who lack a therapeutic and educational framework (30-03-2020).

Sent a letter to the Ministry of Education regarding the obligation to provide transportation for special education students, as special education frameworks partially reopened, but, in violation of the law, parents were told they had to provide transportation (21.04.2020).

Along with the Clinic for Human Rights in Society at the University of Haifa, we appealed to the Minister of Education and demanded that they make the online curriculum accessible to all students in Israel; as many of the students in the unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Negev are not connected to the electricity grid; both Arab and Jewish students in East Jerusalem live in a difficult financial situation; and for the children of asylum seekers. We demanded all online lessons be translated into Arabic (01-04-2020). On 4.5.20, we petitioned to the High Court of Justice on the matter.

Appealed to Al Kasom Regional Council and the Ministry of Education demanding to connect the center that includes kindergarten and grades 1-9 in Tel Arad to running water. The school, which is temporarily connected to one of the resident’s homes, has been cut off from water since before the Corona crisis because of the Regional Council’s failure to pay the water bill, and now that the students are returning to the school, their right to education is denied because of the lack of water supply (07-05-2020).

Human Rights Education Department Activity:

1. Were involved in the development of 14 lesson plans for the Ministry of Education's distance-learning program.

2. Filmed eight lessons about “Media in the Days of Corona” that were included in the Ministry of Education’s national distance-learning lesson plans for elementary school students.

2. Published opinion piece by ACRI consultant Dr. Marcelo Menachem Wexler: International Day for Combating Racism and the COVID-19 Epidemic.

3. Filmed lessons for middle school students in partnership with Keren Ketko Ayali: “Media in the Days of Corona” series includes topics touching on human rights, racism, information overflow, news and fake news, including two lessons called “media and freedom of speech”, and “youth leading social change.”


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