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Noa Sattath
Executive Director

Noa Sattath took the helm of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) in November 2021.

Noa is an ordained Reform Rabbi and spent the past 11 years as Executive Director of the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC), where she was responsible for leading the organization's public strategy regarding religion and state, gender equality, and the fight against racism. Noa has been partner in leading social justice struggles, especially the struggle against the exclusion of women and against the election of racist candidates running for Knesset.

Prior to IRAC, Noa served as Executive Director of the Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance, where she aided in the historic move to lead the first Pride March in the city. 

Noa also served as Executive Director for MEET, an organization that uses technology to develop the joint leadership of young Israelis and Palestinians from Israel and the West Bank.

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Attorney Dan Yakir

Chief Legal Counsel


Attorney Dan Yakir

Chief Legal Counsel

Dan Yakir has been active in ACRI since 1982, and has been officially working as a lawyer at ACRI since 1989. From 1989-1995, he served as a lawyer in ACRI's legal department, and since 1995 has served as ACRI's chief legal counsel.

Over the years, Dan has led ACRI to unprecedented achievements in the promotion of human rights, in particular the right to equality, freedom of expression, human rights violations in the occupied territories and LGBTQI rights. The landmark cases and petitions in which Dan represented ACRI include the Kaadan case, cases against torture, marriage registration of gay couples married abroad, the cancellation of a British Mandate Press Ordinance, and more. He has received many awards for his work in advancing human rights, among them a special prize from Israel's LBGT Taskforce (2005), The Human Rights Defender prize from the New Israel Fund (2011), The Goldberg Prize from the Institute for International Education (IIE) in New York (2012), and the Yeshayahu Leibowitz Prize of Yesh Gvul (There's a Limit) (2018).

Dan has a LL.B. from the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University and an LL.M. from American University Washington College of Law, where he studied as part of the New Israel Fund's law program. During his secondary studies he worked as an intern at the ACLU of the District of Columbia and at the LGBTQ Project of the ACLU in New York.

Yael Edelist

Yael Edelist
Director and Spokesperson

Yael joined the Association for Civil Rights in Israel in June 2021. She began her professional career as the spokesperson for the Israel Women’s Network. Afterwards, Yael managed the communications and government department at Adam Teva V'Din (Israel Union for Environmental Defense) for eight years. At the same time, she taught communications courses at the Open University. Yael then went on to work at the Foreign Ministry in Nepal for a year and, upon her return, she served as the spokesperson and acting director of marketing for the Israel Museum.  


Yael holds a master’s degree in law from Bar-Ilan University and a bachelor’s degree in communications from the Open University and is a graduate of journalism and media studies.


Samah Bsoul

Spokesperson and Arabic New Media


Tal Dahan

Content and Website

Tal Dahan has worked at ACRI since 2001, first as the Information Center Coordinator, and, since 2006, as the head of content and the website. In her current position, Tal is responsible for producing Hebrew-language publications, responding to information requests, and developing and maintaining ACRI’s website. Tal holds a bachelor’s degree (Magna Cum Laude) in Psychology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and a master's degree in Law Studies from Bar Ilan University.

Tal Dahan
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Attorney Debbie Gild-Hayo

Director of Policy Advocacy

Attorney Debbie Gild-Hayo joined ACRI in 2006, overseeing ACRI’s policy advocacy work in the Knesset committees and before leading decision-makers and government officials. She received a bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies with minors in Arabic and History from the Hebrew University, followed by an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University, as well as a master’s degree in Public Interest Law from Tel Aviv University. Debbie completed her legal internship in the law division of the Defense Ministry, and went on to work as an attorney in private practice in the field of commercial law for 8 years before joining ACRI in 2006.

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Maya Fried

Director of International Relations

Maya joined ACRI the summer of 2018 as a New Israel Fund Social Justice Fellow in the Resource Development and International Relations department. Following the fellowship, Maya continued at ACRI as the strategic philanthropy associate and international spokesperson. In early 2021, she was promoted to direct the department. Previously, Maya worked at the West Coast branch of The Washington Institute for Near East Policy as a development associate. 

Maya graduated from the University of Southern California with a double-major in Philosophy, Politics & Law and Creative Writing, and is currently completing her MA in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University. She is originally from Thousand Oaks, California.


Thawra Abukhdeir
Resource Development Associate

Thawra joined ACRI’s International Relations Department in May 2022 as the Resource Development Associate. 

Thawra graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a BA in Communication and Journalism and Latin American Studies and, prior to joining ACRI, received her Master’s degree in Human Rights Law from SOAS University of London. She was also a legislative intern, with a focus on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict for Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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Dr. Sam Kaplan

International Relations Senior Associate

Sam joined ACRI's International Relations Department in 2018 and is responsible for all international partnerships. He is a cultural anthropologist with a strong background in Middle East history and citizenship studies.


Upon completion of his PhD at the University of Chicago, Sam taught and conducted research at Tel Aviv University and Ben-Gurion University. His publications center on the politics of knowledge and include the monograph The Pedagogical State: Education and the Politics of National Culture in post-1980 Turkey (Stanford University Press).


For the past eleven years, Sam has acquired extensive fundraising and donor relations experience, first at a leading UK charity and then more recently at an Israeli NGO that promotes human rights in relation to planning.

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Smadar Sarna

Director of Resource Development in Israel

Smadar joined ACRI in January 2007 as the Director of Resource Development in Israel, founding ACRI's membership structure. In this position, she continues to coordinate efforts to identify and cultivate potential donors within Israeli society, and to develop a network of influential supporters. Smadar holds a bachelor’s degree in Humanities from Tel Aviv University. Before she joined ACRI, Smadar was a journalist and spokesperson for the cable television program company ICP.


Naomi Beyth-Zoran

Director - Education Department

Naomi Leads ACRI’s Human Rights Education Department. She holds a law degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and both her Master’s degree in Education and her Teaching Certificate in Civics and Social Sciences from Beit Berl College. She also has a certificate in educational organizational consulting.


Naomi worked for ACRI in 2013 as the coordinator for Education Against Racism, and in 2015 took on the role of Hebrew Education Coordinator. In this role, she guides workshops and training sessions, develops educational materials and content, and manages the education department's many facilitators. She is responsible for cooperation among and with universities and colleges for teacher trainings, as well as schools and organizations throughout the country that implement ACRI's materials and workshops.

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Mesi Aychek

Coordinator of International Humanitarian Law Project

Mesi joined ACRI in 2012 as the coordinator of Youth Education in ACRI’s Human Rights Education Department. As of 2015, she is the coordinator of ACRI’s International Humanitarian Law Education Project and the Education Department's online web portal. 


Mesi possesses vast experience in informal education, including therapeutic intervention for children at risk. She has worked in the past at Yad-Rachel, an NGO that operates educational centers for at-risk children, and served as the Director of Education and Culture at the Aviv Home in the Beit Ekstein Children Village for persons with special needs (intellectual disabilities and autism). 


Since 2004, Mesi has been writing for Yediot Negat, a newspaper for the Ethiopian community in Israel, and in 2005 she won the prestigious Elke Aynor Journalism Award.  


She has a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University, and a BA in Communications, Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Haifa.


Suhair Jarjura

Coordinator - Arabic Education


Dr. Soli Vered 
Training Coordinator 

Soli holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and in a program for general and interdisciplinary studies in the humanities from Tel Aviv University, a master’s degree in organizational-applied sociology from the University of Haifa, and a PhD from Tel Aviv University’s School of Education. 


After nearly a decade of working in various management positions in human resources, training, and organizational development, Soli turned to postgraduate studies in order to engage in the study of Israeli society from an educational perspective, especially in the context of living in the shadow of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In her academic research, Soli focused on the field of education for peace, democracy, and coexistence, particularly the Ministry of Education’s policy on these issues and the challenges facing peace educators who work in the educational field. At the same time, Soli supervised and taught courses and seminars in various educational frameworks, including schools, pre-military preparatory schools, and colleges. 


Soli joined the Education Department of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel in 2019. As a part of her role, she writes and develops educational materials and training programs for teachers and teachers-in-training in the field of human rights education, democracy, and the fight against racism. Soli assists the instructors and facilitators of the Department of Education in leading workshops, seminars, and courses from the Association, and is also involved in creating collaborations between universities and colleges for teacher training, officials in the Ministry of Education, PISGA centers, schools, and partner organizations.

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Sarit Eliah

Secretary and Information Center Assistant

Sarit joined ACRI in 2004 as a secretary in the Jerusalem office. Today, Sarit also helps coordinate the information systems and press updates.


Before joining ACRI, Sarit managed an office in a dance school and was active in a nonprofit for persons with disabilities.

Naama Yadgar

Naama Yadgar

HR encompasses Payroll, Office Manager (Jerusalem)

Naama Yadgar joined ACRI in 2001 as the Jerusalem office secretary. Today she is the office and HR manager.


Before ACRI, Naama was the secretary at a rehabilitation organization for persons with mental health disabilities.

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