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To Inform the Relatives of Detained Terrorists

"On 25.10.2023, we appealed (Hebrew) to the Chief Military Prosecutor and the State Prosecutor requesting to ensure that a notification will be given to the families of Hamas militants who were captured during the deadly attack on 7.10 and detained in Israel. In the appeal, Attorney Dan Yakir, the President of ACRI, stated that it is clear that there is a legal basis to detain any Gaza Strip militant captured since that day, but there is an obligation to inform someone close to them about their arrest—both according to Israeli law and international law.

The appeal stated: "In the Gaza Strip, over 200 Israeli citizens—infants, children, women, men, elderly individuals—were abducted on 7.10.2023, and to our best knowledge, no information has been provided about them to this day. It is noteworthy that Israeli authorities are prohibited from adopting these measures dictated by Hamas, which are in stark contradiction to the most fundamental norms of international humanitarian law, human rights law, and moral and humane principles."

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