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Hardly a Life in Masafer Yatta

It was no small miracle that the bullet didn't hit anyone.

For the past month, the Israeli army has been conducting a live-fire drill in Masafer Yatta. This is the first time the army has trained in the region since we began representing them 22 years ago.

On July 6th, during training, a bullet hit a family's home. Luckily, it only hit the roof, and no one was hurt. We immediately approached the army, demanding that the military activities be stopped. The residents handed over the bullet to us after the IDF refused to pick it up and we then turned it in to the army for investigation.

We are eagerly awaiting the decision on our request for an additional hearing, which is expected sometime in the late summer or fall, to challenge the new legal precepts that came out of the problematic High Court ruling, 20 years in the making. International law and humanitarian law must be addressed in Israel, in the West Bank, and everywhere, and as such the rights of all people – whether in Masafer Yatta or Tel Aviv – must be protected one and the same.

As we wait for the decision, we continue to work with politicians, media and press to stop the evictions. Join us in the fight to protect basic human rights for all today.

ACRI in Masafer Yatta

Demand Investigation in Military Misconduct:

We appealed to the High Court and demanded an interim injunction that would prevent gunfire activities near residents' homes immediately after the army ignored our request to investigate the bullet fired towards one of the homes in Masafer Yatta.

Request Additional Hearing at High Court of Justice:

In the request for the additional hearing submitted by Adv. Dan Yakir and Adv. Roni Pelli of the Association for Civil Rights, it was argued that the High Court ruling that authorized the eviction of the residents is in clear contradiction to previous rulings and the international law, and sets the stage for war crimes to be committed. Keep Reading

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