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A Look Back at 2018: ACRI's Achievements

1. Guaranteed Social Security: The National Labor Court accepted our stance and determined that it is illegal to deny a person their social security income support benefits because he or she also receives financial assistance from relatives or charities.

2. Aging in Dignity: Following our campaign with partner organizations, the Nursing Care Law was amended and the National Nursing Program approved: raising the number of caregiving hours, improving the quality of services, eliminating the burden on families to pay for nursing after hospitalization and dental care.

3. Pride Parades: Following our petition with Israel’s LGBT Task Force and youth activists from across the community, Kfar Saba held it’s first-ever Pride Parade.

4. Equality in Housing: Following our petition, the Israel Land Authority imposed a fine on a construction company that discriminated against an Arab client, and in a separate lawsuit, an Arab couple were compensated after being discriminated against by a construction company.

5. Due Process of At-Risk Minors: Following our petition, the Ministry of Welfare published a new and much more balanced procedure regarding the activities and decision-making committees of the Ministry of Social Affairs, which discuss placement of minors at risk. This updated procedure is a great improvement upon that which we originally petitioned.

6. Halting Compulsory Conversions in the IDF: Following our petition, the IDF was instructed to stop compelling soldiers not officially recognized as Jewish under Jewish Law to participate in preparation courses and conversion to Judaism programs – a practice that soldiers reported as being humiliating, offensive, and invasive.

7. A Win for Freedom of Expression: Following our appeal, the Supreme Court held that a municipality cannot prohibit organizations operating in its buildings from holding public discussions on controversial issues such as coexistence.

8. Electricity for All: Israeli Electricity Market Regulatory Authority adhered to ACRI’s request and published, for the first time, guidelines regulating the practice of cutting families off the electricity grid due to debts owed.

9. Arabic in Matriculation Exams: The Ministry of Education adhered to ACRI’s demand that matriculation exam questionnaires be translated into Arabic, affording students equal opportunities for academic advancement.

10. The Best of the Sciences: The “Excellence in Science” program in Kfar Saba, traditionally reserved exclusively for boys, responded to requests from ACRI and partner organizations and officially opened the program to girls.

11. ACRI in Academia: ACRI ran an academic course in anti-racism education at the University of Haifa, and a similar course will be held at Tel Aviv University.

12. Social Services for People with Impaired Mental Functioning: As a result of our work with other organizations, ACRI succeeded in repealing a discriminatory policy which prevented people with impaired mental functioning from receiving social services at social welfare offices.

13. Postal Services for East Jerusalem: Following our petition, the Ministry of Communications will begin laying the foundations for new local post offices and distribution centers to be opened in East Jerusalem for local residents.


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